Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The United States has put forward a motion to place Pakistan on a global terrorist-financing watchlist with an anti-money-laundering monitoring group.It could be final strike by U.S on Pakistan. It asks Pakistan to act against groups like Haqqanis and Talibans . This remarks have come up after Sunjuwan attack in India.

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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Thursday, 16 November 2017

ManaMugguriLoveStory is a TeluguWebSeries deals with the story of an innocent girl, who must choose between the affections of a rich, young boss and an easy-going dude. Watch all 18 episodes right now available on YuppTV at

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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Mana Mugguri Love Story (MMLS) is a new web-series by YuppTV Originals, starring Navdeep, Tejaswi Madiwada and Adith Arun in the lead roles.

Swathi comes from a middle class family from Vijayawada. Since she is the only child, she was raised like a princess by her father and he wants the best guy for her. Her mother on the other hand is worried that all the good guys are getting married and there wont be any left by the time she wants to marry. Due to the pressure of her mother, Swathi manipulates her parents into sending her to Hyderabad and she starts working in an ad agency. There, she falls for not one, but two guys and how she deals with this dilemma is the rest of the story.

Starring: Navdeep, Adith, Tejaswi Madivada

Director: Shashank Yeleti

Watch  Mana Mugguri Love Story All Episodes HD at YUPPTV

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

YuppTV launches their new web series “Mana Mugguri Love story”

 Hyderabad, 07th Nov 2017: Mr. Uday Reddy, Founder and CEO of YuppTV along with Prominent producer Swapna Dutt, Vijayanthi Movies has launched their new web series “Mana Mugguri Love story”. This new content will be available in episodic format for the digital audience, exclusively on YuppTV’s platform.

At the launch, Uday Reddy, Founder and CEO of YuppTV said, continuing to provide engaging content to the viewers and following the positive response that we received for YuppTV Originals first web series “Endukila”. It gives me immense pleasure to introduce Mana Mugguri Love Story. The light-hearted romantic comedy is set to strike the right chord with the Telugu-speaking audiences and we are looking forward to an amazing response. I’d like to thank the star cast, creator, producer and every technician that has contributed towards the making of Mana Mugguri Love Story.”

Speaking on the occasion, producer Swapna Dutt said, “The world of OTT and digital media provide us with an interesting space, YuppTV has given the opportunity to us creators to enjoy creative freedom in the digital space. The launch of Mana Mugguri Love Story makes me excited; it has the fine amalgamation of young actors, support star-cast, and an interesting plot. I am excited about its launch and cannot wait to know how our audiences like it.” I would also like to thank Mr Uday Reddy for YuppTV originals and giving independent concepts and stories, such as Mana Mugguri love story.”

Mana Mugguri Love story:
Producer: YuppTV
Director: Shashank Yeleti
Creator: Nandini Reddy
Production House: Early Monsoon tales – A division of Vijayanthi Movies
Cast: Navdeep, Adith Arun, Tejaswi Madivada, Rj Hemanth, Mounima, Aishwarya Raj, Dhanraj.
Title Track: Mickey J Mayor

About YuppTV

YuppTV is one of the world’s largest internet-based TV and On-demand service provider for South Asian content, offering more than 200 TV channels and 2000+ movies in India. YuppTV, recently received funding from Emerald Media, a Pan-Asian platform established by leading global investment firm KKR for investing in the media and entertainment sector, wherein Emerald Media acquired a significant minority stake in the company for US$50mn.  YuppTV had earlier raised its Series A round of funding from Poarch Creek Indian Tribe of Alabama.

YuppTV is currently ranked #1 Internet Pay TV platform for Indians living abroad and the largest Internet TV platform from premium content availability in India. YuppTV is the most downloaded Indian SmartTV app and it also boasts of 13 million mobile downloads with 4.0 user rating.

ManaMugguriLoveStory (MMLS) is a New web-series by YuppTV Originals, starring Navdeep, Tejaswi Madiwada and Adith Arun in the lead roles. Stay Tuned Guys..! 

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ManaMugguriLoveStory (MMLS) is a new web-series by YuppTV Originals, starring Navdeep, Tejaswi Madiwada and Adith Arun in the lead roles.

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